Plumbing Repair in Birmingham, AL 35218

“Very satisfied with the work perform . Quality work at a great price” – Peggy M.
- Peggy M.

Air Duct Installation in Hoover, AL 35226

“Great work. Very professional! Will call on again.”

– Bill T.

- Bill T.

Air Conditioner Installation in Birmingham, AL 35208v

“Very good and told us what we ask him , and more very please with his work remember him when raise time come around”

– Veronica N.

- Veronica N.

Air Conditioner Replacement in Birmingham, AL 35242

“Our AC went out early Monday evening. I called around 9 the next day to request service. The repair guys came before lunch. I learned that my blower had burned out and I was looking at replacing it. My unit was 18 years old so I was faced with replacing the blower or getting a new unit. The repairman, Frank, called in to get a ballpark figure on a new unit so I could make an informed decision. I got my ballpark figure but was told I could have a sales/install guy at my house in about 30 minutes. Jay arrived and looked at my unit, inspected the area, measured, etc. We had a lot of conversation around new parts vs a new unit. Neither of these guys pressured me to purchase a new unit but that is exactly what I did. I was told it would be Thursday when the new unit would be installed. That meant another day of a hot house but it was certainly understandable. My next call from Jay was to ask me if they could go ahead and tear out the old equipment which would make the install faster on Thursday. I agreed they could get started. By now it's about 3:00 and I look out to see a new unit being delivered to my house. They told me they wouldn't be able to do the new duct work but they would have air for me today! This was far above my expectations and I was greatful. Victor, the installiation guy, got my air running around 5:30. The next morning he came back and ran a little duct work to bring it up to code, and he also replaced a gas valve that was installed incorrectly. I've never paid much attention to the aesthetics of my AC unit but Victor did an outstanding job tying it all together and making sure it looked good. And that it did! The new unit is good and the attention to detail in the estimate and the installation is unprecedented. I will definitely use Western for all of my heating, cooling, and plumbing needs.

Fast-Honest-Great Customer Service!”

– Weslyn P.

- Weslyn P.

Air Conditioner Installation in Birmingham, AL 35213

“Our A/C units which were installed with the house have started to go bad. Today’s installation was the third one we’ve had to replace in 4 months. Western S&S has been there for us and graciously agreed to install this one on Saturday. The team brings expertise, thorough evaluation, and dedication to see the job finished to everyone’s satisfaction! We keep coming back to them. You will not be disappointed!”

– Sandy S.

- Sandy S.

Air Conditioner Installation in Birmingham, AL 35173


– Matthew R.

- Matthew R.

Air Duct Repair in Birmingham, AL 35005

“Great job on duct work repairs”

– Colin S.

- Colin S.

Air Conditioner Installation in Other, AL 35111

“Was very courteous and efficient”

– Wollie K.

- Wollie K.

Gas Furnace Installation in Birmingham, AL 35205

“Guys were great. Worked through major problems to accomplish success”

– Valerie A.

- Valerie A.

Plumbing Installation in Birmingham, AL 35204

“Great work!”

– McDaniels J.

- McDaniels J.

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